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    The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishment inflicted.” A natural result of this right is the constitutional guarantee of reasonable bail pending trial, a concept that has been universally affirmed by the Courts of this great Union.

    The Professional Bail Agent is the main instrument through which the right to freedom before trial is practically applied. This function imposes obligations beyond ordinary private enterprise. It imposes grave social responsibility to which the Bail Agent should dedicate herself or himself, and for which the Bail Agent should prepare diligently. The Bail Agent, therefore, must be zealous in maintaining and improving the standards of the bail professional and share with fellow Bail Agents a common responsibility for the integrity and honor of the bail profession. The specific purpose of this corporation is to promote the mutual benefit of its members by disseminating information among members of the Association about issues of import to the profession and to monitor and attempt to influence governmental decisions that impact the profession. To that end the association will provide education and training to members, non-members, and the general public while promoting cooperation between bonding professionals and the criminal justice system.

    Why join the OBAA?

    by Jeffrey Meade

    Professional surety increases the safety of Ohio’s citizens. You know that our bail is superior to all other forms. Your association is informing the press, the judiciary, the attorneys, the clerks of court, the police, and the public about our service.

    Officers of OBAA attended the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) 2010 winter session.

    By meeting with prosecutors, judges, and clerks of court in every county, your association is helping the judiciary manage their dockets better, the clerks of court to reduce their paperwork load, and the jails to empty beds.

    You need to support your officers as they inform the decision makers in Columbus that professional surety is superior to all other methods of bail. If all felony bonds were cash or surety bonds, the failure to appear rate would be greatly reduced. You will all be too busy underwriting bonds that there would be little time for anything else. Your officers present the facts to Ohio statesmen so they can craft bail friendly laws. We created a political action fund (PAF). Here is your opportunity.

    You need to attend our meetings which focus on every aspect of professional surety bonds. Your association offers continuing education credits at the quarterly meetings and the annual conference.

    Pre-Trial-Release-Services was formed to release the indigent from jail to await trial. That costs the taxpayers money. Human self-interest and pain v. pleasure traits means there is little incentive for the indigent to return for trial. Now the tried and failed bleeding-heart experiment has expanded into all levels of criminal activity. After the press learns the truth they will call for a stop to such a blatant failure. We know a better way to release the indigent and assure they will return for trial. Pre-Trial-Release-Services should concentrate on their original mission.

    If you don’t know what we are doing, become involved. If you don’t like the way we are handling the association, join and have all of your agents join, then vote yourselves into power. If you do get elected into office, do a better job than whomever you replace. The by-laws tell you how everything is supposed to be done, so study them. The president can provide you with the up to date version. If you desire to change the by-laws the procedure is defined.

    We have made arrangements for significant discounts with Hertz, Verizon, Nextel, Sprint, and others that OBAA members can partake. Full details will be presented at the annual conference.

    Professional bail assures justice, upholds the 8th amendment to the Constitution, and makes Ohio safer for everyone.

    There are approximately 600 reasons to join the Ohio Bail Agents Association and you are one of them.

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