Membership Type

    Full Member = $125 - Licensed Ohio Surety Bail Agents Only!  Voting Membership.  Renewed Annually.  (This is the membership for all licensed surety agents). 

    Associate Member =  $62.50 - This is for people without a surety license who may work in the bail bond office and any Attorney.  This is a Non-voting Membership.  Renewed annually.  (This is not an option for licensed surety agents.)

    Professional Insurance Company = $500 - Non-voting Membership.  Renewed Annually.  Membership perks!

    Dues are to be paid by June 30th each year. Membership year is from July 1 to June 30th.

    Join now

    We have discussed making the membership begin from the day a person joins, but people who have tried this with other organizations have recommended we would be better to let the membership date be consistant for all members. We have discussed making the partial year prorated, but have voted not to do this several times. Join today, and gladly pay the membership fee. Renew on time annually, with confidence and securely using the OBAA webpage and online payment processing link. Take advantage of your membership. Ask to put our logo on your business card and in the phone book. Work with members to improve our profession and make us stronger. The more we work together the safer the entire state becomes.

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