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    All material on the OBAA site is copyright protected. The OBAA is not responsible for the content of everchanging external Internet sites. Links on the OBAA site are established with the approval of their site’s official(s). Photographs uploaded to the OBAA site are published with the photographer(s) permission. If you wish to use any of the material on the OBAA site, you must request in writing (email or Fax) to be granted permission. If you wish to use any material published on the OBAA site, but originating from another source, you must contact that source. People in photographs uploaded to the OBAA site do not necessarily endorse or support the OBAA.

    Website submissions:
    Those of you who would like to have a voice on the OBAA.org website may submit your article to the OBAA Secretary at: [email protected]  The author must give the OBAA your written permission to post the article or to link to the article from our site, for free, forever. If you are not the author, contact the author and obtain their written permission. Copywrite laws must be obeyed.

    OBAA events:
    People interested in attending any OBAA event must ascertain what is required to attend that event. Some events require preregister to attend the event. Some events have open registration the day of the event. Some events are free to members only. Some events are free to the public. Some events are open to members only. Some events require purchasing admission tickets in advance or at the door.

    OBAA By-laws:
    Read the OBAA by-laws to understand what your options are, however keep in mind the by-laws are electronic reproductions made available for information only. It is not an official version of the by-law. The Ohio Bail Agents Association does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this electronic version. These by-laws cannot be distributed or used for commercial purposes. They may be used for other purposes only if you repeat this disclaimer and the above notice of copyright. Official versions of all by-laws can be obtained from the OBAA President - ED MILLER, CBA - [email protected] or telephone 1-800-252-8044.

    OBAA invited speakers:
    Not every speaker shares the opinions held by the OBAA or its members. They may be here to present their point of view. We in attendance are to be respectful and while we may debate the issues, we must not debase the speakers. This is a courtesy and each of us knows how to debate issues and shake hands afterward. We see it every day in the courthouse. The public defender and the prosecutor strenuously argue before the bench, then share a bagel during the first break. We members are the agents who wish to improve the esteem of our profession and to help the judiciary to manage their docket. Let us each act as an ambassador for our association at all times. By listing the speaker’s photo, bio, or link to their website, we do not imply they support our association or agree with our position. However, many of the speakers have expressed an optimistic opinion of our association and its lofty goals.

    ODI continuing education and how it relates to OBAA invited speakers:
    The invited speaker donates their time to the OBAA. We have invited you to speak to our association. — or — We have invited you to participate in a panel discussion with three others and a moderator.

    One of our officers will introduce you and we would appreciate your biography ahead of the event or communicate to us how you wish to be introduced. You are an honored guest speaker not an instructor.

    You will be given fifty minutes to speak and answer questions. – or — You and the other panelists will be given fifty minutes to speak and answer questions.

    An ODI approved instructor has sent the topic of discussion for approval to the ODI thirty days before the session is scheduled so it may be approved for CE credit. The ODI is not interested in who speaks on the topic of discussion as long as it is presented and not deviated from. An ODI approved instructor donates their fee and their time to the OBAA.

    An ODI approved instructor will explain the CE process to those attending and oversee that the process stays on topic.

    Most of the agents in attendance will pay ten dollars which is entered into the OBAA general fund and the agent will receive one unit of CE credits. Part of that ten dollars is paid to the ODI. The agent must pay the fee, must sign in and sign out for each CE session, and must attend the full fifty minutes session to obtain CE. The instructor will take a roll call at the conclusion. No one is permitted to leave the room during the fifty-minute (50 Minute) session and expect to receive CE credits. This is an ODI requirement. We will station an agent(s) at the door(s) to note who leaves the room during the CE session. Cell phones and pagers must be off during CE session(s).

    We appreciate your participation and assure you that other speakers have, each and every one, been pleased and gratified by their speaking experience.

    Laws or cases cited:
    Laws or cases cited herein are NOT guaranteed correct or current. It is your responsibility to check the CURRENT statutes and to seek legal counsel elsewhere for all legal matters. If you find an error in this website, please email the OBAA Secretary at: [email protected]  

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