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    The Ohio Supreme Court - ***Update***

    Risk Assessment Tool NOT accepted by Supreme Court.

    The Risk Assessment Tool did not make it to public comment! Thank you to all the OBAA members and interested parties for all your hard work and efforts regarding the proposed rule change to criminal rule 46. Those having collected data, wrote letters, and submitted articles helped tremendously. Let it be known, OBAA led the charge while accompanied by great support from members to get the job done. Being able to meet with Justices individually and having a seat at the task force’s table OBAA was able to share firsthand experiences of bondsman’s role in the release of defendants and the potential danger of a computerized algorithm.

    While the risk assessment tool is a major component, there are some other avenues in criminal rule 46 we still may need to explore. As the public comment begins we will be forwarding detailed updates as we research the entire proposed rule change.

    Thank you all for your hard work and we hope to see you at the conference Friday!

    Please follow the link below for the news release from the Ohio Supreme Court

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